We realise that you can shop around an possibly get better prices by restricting your site to HTML, taking restricted Mb, Email addresses or even capping your bandwidth. 
We stand by our decision to offer a limited selection of middle (R250) and top (R500) class business specific service options, thereby spending less time on supporting an infinite range, and more time understanding, training and supporting you. This covers your hosting and training to enable your joomla website.

We build websites is a way that you have the best tools to take your business to the ext level. With Joomla you will never have to change or modify systems cause this one is the best. We train and enable you and your team to make, create and edit the website so there are no hidden costs or nasty surprises. 

We can guarantee that you won’t find a more dedicated local provider!
We also guarantee that you would have to drive a lot further down the road to find someone who can integrate your entire marketing strategy, branding and corporate identity.