We have been providing Internet solutions since 1997 making us one of the most experienced companies in our field. 

Our servers are connected directly to backbones of major network carriers warranting some of the fastest speeds and most reliable connections available. Moreover we provide all customers with a choice of either our local or international hosting offering - ensuring your website's loading times are as quick as possible and you get the most out of your hosting.

Having our own in-house development team we boast one of the most developer friendly environments attainable, everything from having the latest packages and components installed and upgraded to assistance and troubleshooting. Custom modules / applications / components / extensions can be installed on request.

Our philosophy with support: Friendly, fast and efficient. We supply all clients with ticket tracking and management systems to help resolve issues as effectively and quickly as possible.

Some of our key features include: 30 day money back guarantee, multiple payment methods accepted: Credit card / Debit order / Electronic payments.

With one of the most comprehensive anti-spam, anti-virus systems available today you can rest asured your inbox will remain safe and spam and virus free. Some of our anti-spam methods include: Spam Fingerprinting, Spam Scoring, Bayesian Analysis, DNS Blacklists, Rate Controls.

Superior Managment:
All hosting accounts come equipped with a web hosting control panel allowing easy and efficient administration of almost every aspect of your hosting account.

Web Africa's state-of-the-art infrastructure ensures the safest shared web hosting environment possible, some of our core strategies include:
- Firewalls
- Windows security patches and updates installed immediately.
- Comprehensive CPU & Memory management utilities
- Anti Virus systems.
- Daily full backups.

We provide various web tracking systems for service, support and account management accessible at any time through the Web Africa client area. Additionally we also supply various log analyser software with all hosting accounts such as SmarterStats, AWStats and last but not least Urchin - considered the best website analyser system on the planet.